Our hand crafted Giraffe Sculptures are truly “One of a Kind” pieces of authentic artwork. The attention detail and craftsmanship make them simply the most beautiful Giraffe sculptures available anywhere. Each of the sculptures expresses it's own personality, different from all others. Because these sculptures are truly works of art, we provide a certificate of authenticity to ensure that your giraffe was hand crafted in Africa by one of our exclusive artisans. If you're looking for the ultimate African accent to your home decor, look no farther.

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5' ft Tall Sculpture
Item # GIR105
$ 375.00

4' ft Tall Sculpture (Mom)
Item #
$ 280.00

3' ft. Tall Sculpture
Item #
$ 180.00

About The Sculptures

2' ft. Tall Sculpture (Baby)
Item #
$ 120.00


These stunning hand carved giraffe sculptures add a unique African accent to your home. Each giraffe is hand carved by Zulu craftsmen from a single log of Jacaranda wood in South Africa. Each sculpture displays a distinct individual personality as every face and pose is unique.

We were fortunate to meet this extended family of Zulus with superior artistic skills who have perfected this hand-crafted legacy of Africa with its distinctive pattern and facial features that gives elegance and beauty to each sculpture.

It takes several days for these artisans to transform a large log of Jacaranda wood into one of these graceful giraffes using simple hand tools. After carving and sanding to a fine touch, the final stages involve intricate staining, painting and polishing before applying a final clear varnish. The rich grain of the Jacaranda wood lends its extraordinary beauty to this hand-carved work of art.

We have partnered with this small highly skilled group of Africans in importing these unique giraffes to North America for the first time ever.

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